samedi 1 décembre 2007

What's in a Bag d'un pro

Chase Jarvis a construit un vidéo pour expliquer sa philosophie d'emballage de son équipement photographique.

Ce vidéo s'avère un complément intéressant (grand déploiement) des cours sur l'équipement photo nécessaire aux différents secteurs de la photographie.

Remarquez la coexistence de la photo et de la vidéo...

1 commentaire:

Anonyme a dit...

Fuck off with the incorrect
English expressions. "It's in the bag" is the correct term. "Grip n'Grin" doesn't make any sense and sounds awkward in English. You guys think you're so cool using English all the time. Guess what? We're laughing at you cuz you sound so fucking retarded and pathetic. No one English would ever call a photographic studio "Shoot" which is a polite way of saying "shit". Or could be mistaken for a gun club. Your language isn't good enough so you have to borrow from ours? Your fucking government outlaws English so you Francos can abuse it any time you want to, right? Sad.